Game of Thrones – King’s Landing and the Iron Throne

Game of Thrones – King’s Landing and the Iron Throne

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Dubrovnik was not only King’s Landing, it was also posing as City of Quarth, the greatest city that ever was or will be. Lush green gardens that belong to Lokrum island were a part of the scenery as well. Just 5 minutes from Lokrum harbor, a delight for all Game of Thrones fans lies – the Iron Throne, and you definitely don’t want to miss out on your chance to get a photo of you sitting on it! Besides memorable Khaleesi scenes, Lokrum has lovely natural beaches, several restaurants, peacocks and bunnies walking freely amongst tourist and the island itself offers many opportunities for relaxing, which all combined with Game of Trones scenes make the island a desirable location to spend the day.

Visitors coming for the first time to Dubrovnik, when they set eyes on our city either from above or by walking the old town’s streets, they can understand immediately why it was used as a backdrop for many films and also as the capital of the Seven Kingdoms – King’s Landing. Dubrovnik is exactly what George Martin had in mind when he was writing his captivating series of books and making the perfect setting for his imaginary world.

Our tour includes locations of Old Town, Lovrijenac (Red Keep) and Lokrum (Qarth). Island of Lokrum was turned into Game of Thrones visitor center where every true fan wants to be at because there is the Iron Throne, a gift given to Dubrovnik by HBO. The island is Dubrovnik’s green jewel where many locals seek relaxation after long working hours in the summertime. Peacocks and bunnies are the only island’s residents and they are very friendly.

The tour consists of two parts. Initially we explore the scenes taken at the old town and in its vicinity, including Lovrijenac fort. Those are some of the most impacting, plot-twisting moments in Game of Thrones. Afterwards, we visit Lokrum island which was City of Qarth.

Tickets to Lovrijenac – Red Keep (50 kn per person) and Lokrum – City of Qarth (150 kn per person) are extra. When we’ll be on our way to Lokrum, we’ll take the official island’s ferry and the ticket is valid in both directions – to and from Lokrum. The tour finishes on the island and you can decide on your own what to do – to immediately return to the old town or spend the rest of the day on Lokrum. If you choose the latter, make sure to bring along your swimming gear, a towel and some sunscreen. There are rocky and cliffy beaches on the island, two restaurants, a snack bar and plenty of options on how to spend your leisure time. Just have in mind that all visitors must leave the island untill the last ferry leaves – overnight stays are not allowed since the island is a nature protected forrest reserve.

* entrance tickets to Lovrijenac castle 50 kunas and to Lokrum island 150 kunas


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Amerling Fountain, Ulica Svetog Đurđa, Dubrovnik


32 € per person

Walking tour of Kings Landing and Red Keep
City of Qarth
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Amerling Fountain, Ulica Svetog Đurđa, Dubrovnik