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Mostar Day Trip – Orientally Western Experience

Mostar is so close to Dubrovnik, but yet, it is almost a completely different world, in terms of architecture and cuisine. The historical center looks almost the same as it did in the Middle Ages, on every step of the way you can see the old Ottoman influence. Star of the entire city is its unique old bridge where daily brave men, from quite an altitude, jump into the chilly and fast river Neretva (for a tip of course).

The entire city is surrounded by tall mountains, so sometimes in May you can see the snow at the highest peaks, while it’s warm and sunny below.

Perhaps the best term that describes Mostar would be: crossroad of civilizations – East blending in with the West. The bridge we mentioned a bit earlier is one of the most recognizable features of entire Bosnia and Herzegovina, it was built by the Ottomans and the bridge is one of their finest works they ever made in all of the Balkans. Needless to say, the vast Ottoman Empire that ruled almost the entire Balkan is Turkey today.

These disparities make Mostar very appealing to visitors and it’s no wonder that daily trips to Mostar are one of the most popular day tours from Dubrovnik.

We also included the visit to Kravice waterfalls. Croatia and Bosnia are both rich in well-kept and clean nature, and both countries are proud of their water supplies. Almost anywhere in Croatia you can drink water straight out of the tap, and it’s the same in Bosnia as well. This waterfall of Kravice is one of many Bosnia’s gems, the water is pristinely clear and cool, which makes this visit a great detour from congested and overcrowded urban areas.

Pocitelj village is another place we get too see before we arrive to Mostar itself – it is a fortified little settlement on a hilltop where’s a mosque, a clocktower and the view over the Neretva river from there is breathtaking. Population of the place is small; at the foot of the village you have local women selling their home-grown fruits to friendly tourists. Direct translation of the village’s name to English would be – to rest. Pocitelj was the place where merchants in the middle ages settled for a day, gave food and water to the animals and slept.

Mostar trips are full day excursions, we cross the border 3 times in one direction, have in mind to bring a bottle of water and some snacks just in case.


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Pile Square, by Amerling great fountain



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Pile Square, by Amerling great fountain

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