Dubrovnik is, amongst many other things, a very popular cruise ship destination. Being on a cruise is a wonderful experience since it enables you to see many places in a short period of time, but sometimes that short period can be an issue. You may want to see everything and end up seeing very little because of the time limit. This is where we step in. We want you to utilize your time to the max and the way to do that is to let us, the local professionals, show you around. You may be interested in the historical portion of sightseeing, or you maybe prefer an active outing after hours spent on a cruise ship. You may want a combination of both, or something else. Let us take care of it. We will pick you up at a designated place, and take you on a tailor-made tour of our wonderful, vibrant city created specifically for you, and drop you off where we started. You will get first-hand insider information on the best places to eat or see and feel like a true local.


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This tour offers you a unique look into all the locations where the popular Game of Thrones series was filmed in Dubrovnik and in surrounding areas. Dubrovnik itself was chosen as a location for filming because of the description of King’s Landing as a medieval European city surrounded by the

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