1. UNESCO protected heritage site
    Dubrovnik’s Old City is protected since 1979. by UNESCO. That historical part of Dubrovnik is not a museum, people are still living inside of ancient walls and that is a unique experience for anyone visiting and staying in Dubrovnik.
  2. Outstanding Food And Wine
    Croatian food is impeccable, mostly organically grown and delicious. Peninsula Pelješac in Dubrovnik’s vicinity is widely known for its high quality wine – Zinfandel actually originates from there, there are also oysters awarded with numerous medals of quality and restaurants in Dubrovnik offer many varieties of freshly caught fish.
  3. Dazzling Nature
    Croatia’s slogan just until recently used to be “Mediterranean as it once was”. From the moment you arrive to Croatia you will see the title was well earned – environment is well kept, it’s clean, pollution is almost non-existent, tap water is drinkable straight out of the faucet… Dubrovnik itself is surrounded by mountains, many little islands and the nature everywhere is pristine.
  4. Mediterranean climate
    It means that most year round it’s sunny, warm and pleasant. Winters in Dubrovnik are cooler, but the temperature remains around 10 degrees. Summers are, on the other hand, very hot and with almost no rain. Average number of roughly 2.600 sunshine hours annually makes Dubrovnik a desired destination for your holiday.
  5. Not Yet Discovered
    Yes, Dubrovnik did become a global star in recent years for all the reasons above plus being a host to HBO’s Game of Thrones, Star Wars: Episode 8, Robin Hood and many other blockbusters, but still there are many people unaware of Dubrovnik’s existence. Everybody wants to be a trendsetter and only in Dubrovnik you can become one, but at the same time you’ll be playing it safe because there’ll be no unpleasant surprises – win-win situation.
  6. Amazing Photos
    Imagine taking your pictures and having the Old City, Fort Lovrijenac, some of ancient medieval summer houses or Lokrum Island for a background picture – priceless.
  7. Suitable For Everybody
    Families can enjoy lovely beaches and hotel resorts with great offers for small children, romantic couples have the best scenery in the world for long romantic walks, students and young people can dance the night away at clubs, pubs and bars, culture lovers have the Dubrovnik Summer Festival that is more than 60 years old… come and find out!
  8. Daily Excursions
    Depending on your taste, you may go for a whole day expedition to any of the two neighboring countries for that extra stamp in your passport, or you may remain in Dubrovnik proximity and spend an entire day in mountains or at domestic households that produce their own food, wines, cheeses, grappas…
  9. Romantic city
    Many couples that visited Dubrovnik found intimacy and serenity inside of this walled city, even while surrounded by many people. This sensation can only be experienced in Dubrovnik. Find out by yourselves
  10. All In One Place
    There are not many locations in the world that are safe, beautiful, have lovely and tasty locally grown food and also have luxurious hotels, private accommodation, apartments, villas and hostels. There is also an airport in Čilipi very close to the city itself and during the season Dubrovnik is connected with the entire world which makes getting to the city very easy. Hope to be seeing you soon in Dubrovnik at one of our tours!
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