City Walls Sunset Walk Tour

City Walls Sunset Walk Tour

*all group tours are available from 01.04. till 01.11.

Dubrovnik group tours

17 € per person

Magnificent city walls that surround our old town are a statement of wealth and safety. For centuries, they were a protection from perils, pirates, foreign conquerors.

Today, they are a reminder of some distant medieval times. Luckily, we managed to preserve our city walls in the times when trends were changing, suggesting that any types of fortifications are obsolete and redundant. This is why Dubrovnik is today amongst the best preserved medieval cities in the world. Our walls surround the town for almost 2 km in length and once you are on them, the view is simply breathtaking. Terracotta roofs and narrow streets are all visible from above, clear vista over the Adriatic sea reveals just about any boat on the horizon, which gives a perfect explanation to why the city was successfully defended for centuries. Since 1979, Dubrovnik is under UNESCO protection.

The town survived many wars, including the recent Homeland war from 1991-1995, but Dubrovnik was renewed in a manner that the damage is not visible at all and it is difficult to imagine that not such a long time ago this ancient Mediterranean town was covered in rubble. If you were wondering, once you’re in Dubrovnik, what you should see first once there, it is definitely the city walls, our most recognised landmark, inspiration to many artists, the centre of all photographs taken in Dubrovnik.

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* entrance tickets to city walls 200 kunas per person


every day at 9:00, 1.4 - 31.05 at 5 pm, 01.06.-31.07. at 6 pm, 01.08-31.08. at 5:30 pm, 01.09.-30.09. at 5 pm, 01.10.-31.10. at 4 pm


up to 2h




Amerling Fountain, Ulica Svetog Đurđa, Dubrovnik


17 € per person

some of the most beautiful views in Dubrovnik
most important defence forts, such as Minceta Tower, Bokar, Revelin Fortress and St. John Fort
terracotta roof tops
explore the heart of the old town
glass clear sea
listen to local stories and curiosities
see old medieval cannons
see breathtaking views of the old town and dive into the rich history of the pearl of the adriatic


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Amerling Fountain, Ulica Svetog Đurđa, Dubrovnik